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Thompson Howard Home

Thompson Howard Home (THH) is a residence for those living with dementia. We strive to provide you and your loved ones with an environment that is conducive and wholesome, while putting emphasis on education regarding dementia. Our continuous education is geared towards our staff, family, and the community. We offer a variety of skilled and non-skilled services among many other therapeutic modalities and activities. Our team is highly trained in behavioral health and we are here to provide hands on education, improvisation, and tips on how to make the most out of your interactions with your loved ones. Use of improvisation is a very helpful technique while engaging with those who have dementia. THH will provide one on one improvisation  and de-escalation training for caregivers, family, and friends. We look forward to providing you with more information on dementia and ways to cope with your loved ones challenges. We hope you take a moment to come and visit us. 

Our project is in early stages of development. Services are projected to be ready Spring of 2024. We will be providing updates every few months on this site and on our Facebook.

Old and Young


Our mission is to create a culture that embraces the changes of aging mentally, physically, & spiritually. We are here striving to provide the highest quality of care by utilizing evidence based practices and behavioral response training for our dementia population. Our mission is to support and continuously educate your loved one & your family.


To provide a specialized environment that is supportive of a renewed sense of purpose and an improved quality of life for those living with dementia.


Quality, Compassion, Integrity, and Excellence.

We are here to bring awareness to our community and to provide quality care for those living with dementia. Your loved one, will have care throughout the continuum, no transfers related to decline in physical health. We are able to achieve this by utilizing a holistic approach. Our approach focuses on education and involvement from family, friends, and the community

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